No more paper slips and emails

Leading generation of interpretation management software.

Quick ordering

Tolkify system connects you with the nearest available interpreter.

The interpreter will instantly receive a notification on their mobile app.

Reduced cost

We have automated standard administrative tasks, which enables us to reduce our cost while keeping top quality.

Quick overview

Overview of past & upcoming interpretations any time.

Have a detailed breakdown of your monthly costs.

Never miss an appointment

We send you instant updates about each step in the process.

You will know your interpreter’s qualification and info beforehand.

Your rate, we listen

Rate your interpreter and provide anonymous feedback about your appointment.

Your input helps us make every interpretation a 5-star experience.

Personal interpreters

Liked working with a specific interpreter?

You can choose them specifically for your next appointment.

All areas covered

In addition to consecutive, phone and videoconference interpretations, we can also take care of your written translation needs.

Top security

All information in Tolkify is kept with the highest standards in security.

All communications are encrypted.

New to Tolkify?

No setup required

Manage interpretations from PC or a mobile

Working in the field? Get interpretations from the comfort of your mobile device.

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