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Interpret when you want, make what you need

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Set your own schedule

You can choose yourself which interpretations you want to take, so it never interferes with the important thing in your life.

Make more

We have automated typical tasks like invoicing and payroll management, which enables us to pay more to interpreters. Obviously, we also cover travelling costs and overtime!

Let the app lead the way

You’ll get notifications of each new task and update, direct instructions for the job and even navigation to the location of the appointment.

It’s easy to get started


Sign up in the app

Tell us a little about yourself and your experience.


Share some documents

Just upload your CV and a profile picture.


Accept a job and go

Once you’re approved to interpret for Tolkify, we’ll provide everything you need to be successful with your first task.

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  1. To have a broad knowledge of Danish language.
  2. To have the ability to communicate yourself clearly and without misunderstandings.
  3. To master the language you interpret at a high level.
  4. To be objective and neutral.
  5. To be flexible, responsible and quality-aware.
  6. To maintain confidentiality.